Resilient Shore has launched its own newsletter: Shore News!

This monthly newsletter is dedicated to the understanding and enhancement of San Rafael’s bay shore. We hope you’ll sign up to receive it – just let us know you want it by sending us an email at The newsletter provides a forum to bring timely issues, interesting stories, and relevant activities and events to our readers. Our focus is to learn from community groups, local interests and technical experts and share what we have learned. From this shared knowledge we are building a community coalition to work with the City and resource agencies to prepare a Shore Plan.

There are few people who recognize the extent and variety of our truly remarkable bay shore.  Many of us go about our daily lives unaware of the amazing places along what is arguably the most diverse and accessible shore reach in the Bay Area. In spite of this, people are frequently on the shore, Gallinas Creek, and the San Rafael Canal estuaries engaged in many different activities.

We aim to expand community knowledge and appreciation of this remarkable resource by running stories about the different things people are doing on and around the shore. We will also share stories about local history and the cultural evidence it has left on the landscape.  Illuminating threats to the shore including habitat, critical infrastructure, public services and vulnerable communities and identifying potential solutions is a major part of our beat.

Our success providing timely and interesting content is dependent on your continued interest and willingness to share your own shore and waterfront stories. We would like to invite you to share with us and our readers your experiences. We want to hear about your encounters with habitat conservation and restoration, public recreation and access, maritime enterprise, flood risk and vulnerable communities and businesses, emergency preparedness, fuel management, and invasive species. Please email us with your stories!

Resilient Shore is a team of biologists, engineers, flood risk managers, town and landscape scale planners and other experts.  We are a community supported non-profit project. Help us make our shore better and more resilient by making tax deductible contributions to Resilient Shore through MarinLINK, our fiscal sponsor. Let’s make our bay shore world class. Stay informed. Sign up for our newsletter at

Together we can do this!

Jeff Rhoads
Executive Director
Resilient Shore