Letters from the Executive Director

Fall 2020

Being Grateful in Midst of the Pandemic

Like all of you I’m keeping calm and carrying on in the midst of the pandemic. Fortunately, our remarkable bay shore is a short walking distance away from my home. I can find the way to my happy place while maintaining my sanity and social distance!

In Marin, access to quality open space is one of the things that makes the pandemic tolerable. It’s helping us to survive this ordeal. Contemplate for a moment how previous generations worked so diligently to preserve our precious natural wonders.

We are responsible for passing these blessings onto future generations with contributions of our own.  As we forge ahead to reduce our flood risk and adapt to sea level rise, let’s work to create symbiosis with our world through more resilient human communities and natural environments.

We’re grateful for the progress the City of San Rafael is making to start a Shore and Watershed Adaptation Plan. We have accompanied the City along the entire journey and look forward to the City Council adopting the 2040 General Plan early next year. Preparing for sea level rise and increasing flooding is a top priority of the General Plan.

Our mayor elect, Kate Colin, is a strong advocate of community involvement in civic affairs. She is also committed to climate change mitigation and adaptation for San Rafael. We are grateful for her new role in our city government and wish her Godspeed.

Over the next few months we will be working with neighbors, environmental organizations, land owners and others to assemble a Stakeholder Coalition to work with the City to create a Shore and Watershed Adaptation Plan. The goal is straight forward: active stakeholder participation in the plan to assure it is responsive to your needs and interests.

What would you like to share in our next MeetUp November 24?  What are you grateful for in the midst of this once in a century crisis?  What are your thoughts about the Stakeholder Coalition? 

We’re looking forward to sharing thoughts with you.

Together we can do this!

Jeffrey D Rhoads, RA LEED AP

Executive Director

Summer 2020

All Hands on Deck!

The Covid-19 Pandemic has grabbed our attention and disrupted our world. However, the Climate Crisis isn’t going away. Its urgency is just more evident. The seeds for transformative change are planted during times of crisis.  Now is the time for bold action!

Resilient Shore is recruiting. We want you!

We need donors:  People willing to fund our work to bring people together, secure grants and assist the City of San Rafael in preparing a citizen based Adaptation Plan for our bay shore and watersheds.

We need thought leaders: People with vision, prepared to lead others in making our environment more resilient to the impacts of the Climate Crisis.  Folks who are prepared to show ways to eliminate greenhouse gas, sequester carbon and reduce our ecological footprint.

We need community activists: People prepared to organize neighbors and communities to reduce flood risk, adapt to rising seas and improve access for the Canal Neighborhood and Southeast San Rafael.

We need people fluent in Spanish: To help us reach our underrepresented neighbors.

We need citizen scientists, engineers and designers: People prepared to roll up their sleeves to participate in research, analysis and design for adaptation solutions.

We need citizens and stakeholder representatives: People prepared to participate in the creation of the Adaptation Plan, propose ideas, consider their impacts and help identify adaptation solutions for San Rafael.

Tell us who you are and where and how you can help. 

The Bay Area crushed the Novel Corona (Covid-19) Pandemic curve with early strategic action.  Let’s do the same with the Climate Crisis and our City.


Spring 2020

San Rafael’s General Plan 2040 has been underway for about 18 months. Preparing for rising seas is a concern shared by city staff, consultants and the steering committee. Paul Jensen, the city’s Director of Community Development, is writing an Adaptation Report to include as an appendix in the new General Plan. The report will summarize available information on hazards and planning strategies and will provide a basis for preparation of an Adaptation Plan in the future. Additionally, General Plan land policies are proposed to identify areas at risk from flooding and sea level rise and measures to reduce risk for future construction.

Resilient Shore is focused on ensuring San Rafael’s General Plan 2040 includes a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan. We aim to help the City by assisting in securing grants, working with the Marin Community Foundation, and preparing our community – including all the varied stakeholders – to be active and informed participants in a citizen-driven planning process.

Our success with providing timely and engaging content is dependent on your continued interest and willingness to share your own shore and waterfront stories. Get in touch with us! Some possible topics include habitat conservation and restoration, historical aspects of our shoreline, recreational activities, maritime businesses, flood risk and solutions, emergency preparedness, and evacuation strategies.

Resilient Shore is a team of biologists, engineers, flood risk managers, town and landscape scale planners, community engagement specialists and other experts.  We are a community supported non-profit project.  Help us make our shore better and more resilient by making tax deductible contributions to Resilient Shore through MarinLINK our fiscal sponsor.

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